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ffmpeg video from images

ffmpeg is an amazing piece of software.

Today I had to create a small video of a few Print-Screens (Screenshots) and this is how I did it:

I’ve renamed all my screenshot png files from a datetime format in their names, into a numeric order.

Screenshot_2017-01-25_13-16-31.png  ---> Screenshot_01.png
Screenshot_2017-01-25_13-17-12.png  ---> Screenshot_02.png

after that everything was really easy:

~> ffmpeg -i Screenshot_%2d.png output.mp4

Be careful not to use * wildcard but %2d (two digits) for ffmpeg to iterate through all images.

If your images are something like: 001.png then use %3d (three digits) in your ffmpeg command.

The above command will show us 25 frames per seconds, so …. if you have less than 25 images, you will have a full second to see the entire video!!!


Now it’s time to add a duration delay:

~> ffmpeg -framerate 1/2 -i Screenshot_%2d.png -r 21 output.mp4

that means, convert 21 images with a 2 second delay into output.mp4 video

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