dnscrypt-wrapper & libsodium

updated versions for rpm spec files here

  • dnscrypt-wrapper v0.1.17
  • libsodium v1.0.4

# rpmbuild -ba libsodium.spec
# rpmbuild -ba dnscrypt-wrapper.spec

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I, Robot by Isaac Asimov

I did a road trip last week and had almost 11 hours to “kill” while driving.
So I’ve downloaded an audio book to accompany me all those hours.

I chose ‘I, Robot’ a collection of short stories by Isaac Asimov.


I have to admit that although I was aware on the core beliefs and the Three Laws of Robotics, I had never had the change to read (or listen) I, Robot.

These dystopia stories captivate me from the start!
If anyone havent yet read these stories, PLZ make yourself a present and read (or listen) them.

After that, you should really watch the swedish TV series Real Humans / Äkta människor and/or the british version Humans which are about androids!

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