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Operating System

I use Archlinux as my primary Operating System. I am currently running Archlinux (since 2009) in all my boxes (laptop/workpc/homepc/odroid-c1). In the data center, I have CentOS on the bare-metal, and CentOS in the VM(s). A windows VM exists for work purposes on my workpc.



The last few years I am running fluxbox but I used to work on xfce. Thunar (xfce-file browser) is my first and only choice and lilyterm as my terminal emulator. tmux as my multiplexer. I used to run gnu screen for a decade !

I use arand for desktop layout (sharing my screen to external monitor or the TV).


Disk / FileSystem

All my disks are encrypted and I use both ext4 and btrfs on my systems. I really like btrfs (subvolumes) and I use the raid-0 and raid-1 but no raid-5 or raid-6 yet. I also have LVM on my laptop as I can not change the ssd easy.



Mostly Thunderbird but I still use mutt when using a terminal or an ssh session.


Editor + IDE

Vim 99% of my time.

for short-time notes: mousepad and when feeling to use a GUI, I use geany.



Multiple Instances of firefox, chromium, firefox - Nightly, Tor Browser and vimprobable2. I used to run midori but I’ve dropped it. I also have multiple profiles on firefox !!! I keep private-mode or incognito, all of them via a socks proxy (even Tor-Browser) with remote DNS (when possible).




but when needed, smuxi or pidgin


Blog / Website

flatpress no database, static pages but dynamic framework written in PHP. Some custom code on it but I keep a separated (off-the-web) clone with my custom changes. Recently added Markdown support and some JavaScript for code highlighting etc.

I dont tend to write a lot, but I keep personal notes on drafts (unpublished). I also keep a (wackowiki) wiki as a personal online keeping-notes wiki on my domain.


Version Control

Mostly mercurial but also git . I have a personal hg server (via ssh) for my code, files, notes, etc etc



VLC only. For media and podcasts and mirage or feh for image display. gimp for image manipulation




I wake up, I make my double espresso at home and drink it on commuting to work. The 20min distance gives coffee enough time to wake my brain. When at work, I mostly rant for everything.

and alcohol when needed ;)



My fluxbox menu has less than 15 apps, I’ve put there only my daily-use programs and I try to keep distractions on my desktop as minimum as possible. I keep disable notifications to apps and I mostly work on full screen to minimize input from running apps.

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