Raspberry Pi with Archlinux under QEMU

Reading v13’s blog post about Raspberry Pi under QEMU i was insired to do a similar post for archliux.

This is the easy-way (you can find a lot of copylefts here) !

Step Zero: Downdload the archlinux version of raspberry pi

Go to the archlinux arm site and download the disk image: archlinux-hf-2013-06-06.img

Decompress the image

$ unzip

and here you are !

Step One: Find a propel kernel to boot the disk image

V13 built his own kernel - i am lazy !

From xecdesign i’ve downloaded their kernel:

wget -c

Step Two: You are ready to boot your archlinuxarm disk image:

tldr note:

        -kernel kernel-qemu 
        -cpu arm1176 
        -m 256 
        -M versatilepb 
        -no-reboot -serial stdio 
        -append "root=/dev/sda2 panic=0" 
        -hda archlinux-hf-2013-06-06.img

Step Three: Play


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