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Μπορεί η αποτυχία να είναι μέρος της επιτυχίας;

Μην γελιόμαστε, σίγουρα ΟΧΙ.

Σημαίνει ότι χρειάζεται ακόμα πάρα πολύ δουλειά, ώστε κάποια στιγμή να επιτύχεις.

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rome: internet is a bad decision for choosing hotel

Πάντα αφήνω τους άλλους … να κλείνουν τα ταξίδια μου.

Εγώ το μόνο που κάνω κάθε φορά είναι να πληρώνω ότι μου αντιστοιχεί.

Δυστυχώς για Ρώμη, έγινε κάπως έτσι … και δυστυχώς ο έτερος φίλος (εξαιρετικός φίλος, από τους λίγους που εκτιμώ τόσο πολύ) έμεινε περισσότερο στα σχόλια του για να αποφασίσουμε για ξενοδοχείο.

Έτσι λοιπόν καταλήξαμε σε ένα ξενοδοχείο …. στην μέση του πουθενά, με μοναδική συγκοινωνία ένα και μόνο λεωφορείο, ανά μισάωρο (ο καίσαρας να το κάνει μισάωρο)! Και περίπου μία ώρα μακριά από το κέντρο!

Μετά την καθυστέρηση της easy jet (σε ευχαριστώ easy jet, για ακόμα μία φορά), και περίπου μιάμιση ώρα (το λιγότερο - μπορεί να ήταν και κοντά δύο) φτάσαμε στο ξενοδοχείο! Δυστυχώς είναι και non refundable !

Έτσι λοιπόν … η εμπιστοσύνη στο internet, η πίστη στους φίλους, αυτή την φορά είχαν ως αποτέλεσμα να τρώω … στο δρόμο από καντίνα μαζί με μισή ντουζίνα ινδούς, παραδίπλα από κάποιες ιερόδουλες που ξεκίνησαν την βραδινή τους εργασία.

ΔΕΝ προτείνετε (με την καμία όμως - μακριά όλοι):

κι ορίστε η φώτο για απόδειξη:


ΥΓ: Οι άσπροι είμαστε οι έλληνες (για όσους δεν το έπιασαν)

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Suspending On Lid Close

If you have problems with suspending your linux box when you are closing lid,
then you should take a quick look on this post !

edit this file: /etc/acpi/

vim +/lid /etc/acpi/

if you see the lid section empty, then add something like this: pm-suspend


#echo “LID switched!”>/dev/tty5

Just to be safe, restart acpi daemon

sudo /etc/rc.d/acpid restart

Thats it !

Encrypt your hibernation snapshot

When a linux box came from hibernation usually resume everything from the previous state.
That means that if someone just hit the power button on your system, in a few minutes he/she will have access to your linux partition and most certain to an already logged-in system !

In a previous post i wrote how to enable Lock Screen after hibernation, but lets face it. This isnt a secure way!

And if someone has access to your hard drive he/she can somehow retrieve your data from your hibernate snapshot.

An alternative and most secure way is to encrypt your hibernate snapshot and then access it through a pass phrase.

First of all, your have to create the key for the encryption process.
Just type: suspend-keygen and then choose the length of the key. I prefer 4096 bits.
After that, you should type a secure pass phrase. Finally choose the name of the key.

A full example:

$ suspend-keygen 

libgcrypt version: 1.4.6
Key bits (between 1024 and 4096 inclusive) [1024]: 4096

Generating 4096-bit RSA keys.  Please wait.
Testing the private key.  Please wait.

Passphrase please (must be non-empty): 
Confirm passphrase: 

File name [suspend.key]: 

Τransfer your suspend.key to /etc

mv suspend.key /etc/

Now you must edit the below two lines on: /etc/suspend.conf

encrypt = y
RSA key file = /etc/suspend.key

Thats it !

The next time you resume your system from hibernation, you have to write your pass phrase to resume your encrypted hibernate snapshot.

How to add password on your grub menu

Security is like an onion, it has many many layers.
(and sometimes we end up crying)

For preventing someone to boot your linux (or not) partition it is best to protect your grub menu.

There are two ways:

1st : To use a global password for grub
2nd: To use different passwords for every menu title.

I prefer the second method cause is a more security solution.

We need to create the encrypted password, from our terminal we type:

$ grub-md5-crypt
Retype password: 


For our example i typed: test

And finally we add the bellow line in /boot/grub/menu.lst

password --md5 $1$nNyIl/$2rdkv9UCclYQu1Hb0hxiQ/


title Arch Linux [vmlinuz26]
root (hd0,0)
kernel /boot/vmlinuz26 root=/dev/sda1 ro
initrd /boot/kernel26.img
password –md5 $1$nNyIl/$2rdkv9UCclYQu1Hb0hxiQ/

Lock Screen after hibernation

In august i wrote a post about hibernation on linux, Linux hibernation in just 4 steps.

If you want to add screen lock support in resume, you have to create a custom script.

Hibernation’s scripts run in reverse numeric order, so you have to use 00 (double zeros) in the name of your custom script, telling resume process to lock screen at the end.

In my case, i wrote a super simply bash script to slock my screen. I am the only user of my laptop so the bash script is extremely dammy and does only one thing, take a look:



case $1 in
		# not required.
		su ebal -c slock &
		# not required.
		# not required.
		# not required.
	*) exit $NA

You should replace ebal with your user name and slock with your screen lock program.
Alternative commands against slock are:

  • xscreensaver-command –lock
  • gnome-screensaver-command ––lock
  • xlock
pirsyncd new version: 20100907

pirsyncd stands for: Python Inotify Rsync Daemon.

This is an attempt of writing a daemon to watch a directory for kernel’s inotify events and then execute an rsync command to synchronize two different directories (local or remote). This is a poor man’s mirroring or an alternative (not so) real data replication mechanism and it is based on Pyinotify.


From ChangeLog:

  • Pyinotify has been updated in version 0.9.0 (20100604)
  • Rsync option “–safe-links” has been added
  • Scoring 7.38 with pylint (better code styling)

plz try ./pirsyncd –help & ./pirsyncd –examples to see more.

Get the latest version of pirsyncd v20100907

Windows Τiling Applications for Xfce

Today i’ve tried the four (4) tiling applications on Xfce, that wikipedia refers as “Third party tiling applications on Xorg”

The winner is: Stiler

Both Tile & QuickTile had a really bad tiling appearance and PyTyle doesnt work with Xfce