Moving Away from Closed Source

The last couple months (all started when comzeradd ordered two fairphones) i am going through the Great Transition: “Moving Away from every closed source/service to free (opensource) software.”

As i have already mentioned: Moving to free/opensource applications isnt always easy. But then again, when freedom was an easy thing ?.

So the transition has a few bumps in the way.

Some of my decisions are in my twitter’s timeline and some on my wiki.

I will document EVERYTHING but I’ll do it on separated blog posts and code will be in my wiki so that the entire documentation will no be a huge mesh.

I am fortunate enough to have smarted people than me to suggest brilliant things all the time.
Their comments (twitter/blog/mail) have made my life easier and are helping me with this transition.

I would love to read your comments (just remember that i dont accept http links inside blog comments).

So let’s start !