I am a proud owner of a fairphone.
For about ~300 euros i bought a really cool smartphone.

When you boot up your phone for the first time, there is a widget to add support for google apps.
Just remove it and go on with your life. Nothing useful here.

[EDIT #1] Before we begin our beautiful opensource journey, you must have in mind that ALL your personal devices can be hacked, stolen or be destroyed (crashed/brick/whatever). You have to remember that - you should have your digital data elsewhere and sync/backup/encrypt EVERYTHING. So dont use your phone as an offline image gallery, dont save everything in our mails.

First thing: Encrypt the /sdcard

You need to add a PIN to screen lock (Settings –> Security –> Screen Lock –> PIN)
after that tap through: Settings –> Security –> Encryption –> Encrypt device

Be aware: THIS MUST BE the first thing, cause every data on your SD (internal/external) will be destroyed.

So you have to unlock the screen everytime with that PIN and it’s the same PIN that you need to type on boot time. Not very safe.

It’s safer to change the PIN to decrypt your card with a passphrase. There is an excellent article here or just use (without reading) this app: Cryptfs Password

I downloaded the app (through the f-droid site and not through f-droid app), i’ve changed the PIN to a PASSPHRASE and then removed the app from my phone.

AGAIN you must be sure that no data are in your SDCARD.

Verify that your phone is booting up fine, decryption is using the passphrase, there is an unlock PIN for you mobile card and a different PIN to unlock your screen lock.

It’s not paranoia (not yet) but it’s the most safe and easy thing you can do.

Below i will just document the apps i am using through F-Droid:

  • AdAway - Do remove ads
  • AFWall+ - Firewall App
  • Autostarts - Disable apps from starting at boot (or other state of your phone)
  • Barcode Scanner - QR decoder and more
  • DavDroid - CardDAV/CalDAV client
  • DiskUsage - Disk Usage
  • Epub3 Reader - Cause i read epub books
  • F-droid - Free software for your android
  • Firefox - Web Browser
  • k9 - email client
  • OpenFlashLight - a simple flash light
  • OsmAnd~ - Openstreet Navigator (and more)
  • RMaps - Map Client (and more)
  • Ted - simple text editor
  • Terminal Emulator - cause let’s face it, if you have a shell access you can do everything.
  • Tincd-vpn - Vpn client
  • VuDroid - Pdf Reader
  • Wallabag - offline read later app
  • Xabber - Jabber client

There are two closed source apps that i am using and couldnt find a decent replacement on f-droid (and believe me when i am telling you that i’ve tried a few).

  • MyBookDroid - book cataloging
  • Tweedle - twitter client

MyBookDroid is nowhere to find - I’ve moved it from my previous phone

[EDIT 2]: I’ve installed Twidere and used it for a while - but i didnt like it.

I will document the use of DavDroid to another blog post - cause you need a free software card/cal DAV server to use it.
DavDroid will give you the ability to synchronize your contacts against your own server.

K-9 has the ability to add PGP support - to encrypt your emails when talking to a recipient with PGP.
I will also document k-9 with my mail server setup.

Same thing about openvpn client.

So here it is !

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