systemd and slow boot

I’ve recently bought a new laptop.
It has a hybrid disk (470G HDD and a 30G SSD).
On the 30G ssd disk i’ve rsynced my archlinux from my previous laptop to the new one.

The boot process takes almost a full two minutes !


I thought i was drafting to the dark side and my sanity wasnt as good as a couple days ago.
After asking to archlinux forum, they suggest to use

# journalctl -b

I have found that there was an entry at /etc/crypttab (that doesnt exist) and the timeout was almost 90 seconds.
Comment that out and then 14sec to login !!!

Fujitsu LifeBook UH572 Ultrabook

After six and a half years i’ve decided that it is time to make myself a present: a new laptop.

My previous/current laptop is an impressive machine but through the years and (lets be honest) with my use its time to retire it. I am so impressed from Amilo Si 1520 R2 that i wanted to buy only from fujitsu. My needs are only work related so the screen/graphics werent a necessity. Memory and size were the key elements on my research.

For 850€ i bought the cheapest ultrabook that i could find.


For a review you can click here

For a quick gallery click here

Already runs archlinux (with secureboot off) and on the next weeks i’ll try to write down some notes.