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I am not trying to resolv this issue, I have lost any faith on sourceforge a long time ago.

Although, it is sad. Once, if you wanted to download free software for your linux machine, SF was the place to be.

Nowadays the site is awful. You cant even browse the site if you dont use an ad-blocker.

It is chaotic with all these features and extremely painful if you actually try to do something, even if it is the simplest thing like changing your email address.

This post is just a personal rant about SF subscriptions and nothing more.

I have changed my email address on sourceforge for about a year now. Still I am getting subscription notifies from projects to my previous (deprecated) mail address:


…. so …. yes …

by clicking on the “Manage your subscriptions” link on the bottom of the notify email:
seems that I dont have any project subscriptions !


And that’s not even the big issue here, cause I do want to get notifies whenever SystemRescueCD do updates.

The big issue, for me at least, is when I tried to subscribe on SystemRescueCD (thinking that at least now the notifies will come to my new email address):


If you missed it, the problem is with this quote below:

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sourceforge simple dont get it !

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sourceforge and openid

I am using OpenId and i have a personal OpenID provider based on simpleid.

I used to be able to login to sourceforge via https://balaskas.gr but i’ve removed my SSL from my website
(My SSL cert is signed by cacert and firefox doesnt accept cacert - thats another story).

So i wanted to re-configure my sourceforce access with http and openid.

I cant !

“There was an error using your OpenID.”

My logs - - [21/Nov/2012:08:39:33 +0200] “GET / HTTP/1.1” 200 951 “-” “Zend_OpenId” - - [21/Nov/2012:08:39:33 +0200] “POST / HTTP/1.1” 200 951 “-” “Zend_OpenId”

i’ve opened a support ticket but i got this:

“While we certainly allow users to use custom OpenIDs, we cannot guarantee that they work with our site. As such, we’re not going spend time troubleshooting that.”

right …. custom OpenID !

for the love of Bob, i am using a personal OpenID provider - i dont have a custom openid !