one step closer to 32c3

As we getting closer to the amazing 32nd Chaos Communication Congress (32C3) we must consider some privacy steps to our electronic devices.

Perhaps it’s idiotic to take a smartphone to this conference, as we all know that in such events hacking is fair play to everyone.

The below quote, from Person of Interest, reminds us exactly that:

If they don’t want you to get inside, they ought to build it better.

You should treat every network as a hostile, already compromised network.
It’s probably true, anyway !

For us mere people that we dont have many security knowledge, we need to take some extra security measures if we want to bring our smartphone together. It’s just for browsing, taking some picture from the event (and not the people, respect that please), check some emails or tweet something interesting.

Btw, if you believe that it is ok to use your smartphone/laptop on your hotel room, think again!
Where do you think all the hackers from the event are going to sleep ?
Yeap, on the same hotel. So be extra careful in places you feel more safe!

This isnt a guide you must or should follow, or even a bulletproof solution. As the subject of this blog post suggest is just a step closer. You should also remind your self in idle times (as watching a presentation) to keep your phone in airplane mode and always use TOR for browsing.

So, on a spare -just formatted- android mobile phone install AFWall+, create a new profile and BLOCK everything. Whitelist only OpenVPN.


Check your browser to see that you dont have access on the internet:


Connect to your OpenVPN server and check again:


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