Kobo Glo - prons and cons

an ongoing list for prons & cons

people usually start with prons - but a con maybe a deal breaker.


  • You HAVE to sign/create an account on Kobo site or login with your facebook account.
  • There is no file browsing - library of books is just a find on supported format files
  • Havent found a bookmark work around
  • good UX but needs work

Why the above are cons:

I dont have a FB account !
I dont want to “give” my email to kobo site.
If i dont to that - i cant use my hardware (this is wrong in so many ways).

I use my computer to create folders and organize my ebooks. I wanted shelves to be related to folders.
I have 100 books (at this moment) and i need to manually create kobo shelves or search to find an ebook that i have already organized it my folder.

bookmarks - i want to borrow my kobo to a friend to read a book (like i do in real life) when i am at work or on dentist.
He/she can read the book but will mess with my reading stats. I worked around this - using an annotation.
But it could be great to have bookmarks support.


  • Fast rendering
  • github account: kobolabs
  • touch screen - only two buttons: backlit and sleep/power off/on
  • you can configure margins and line spacing
  • you can add your own fonts
  • pdf are readable !
  • Can follow url links on epub format (useful)
  • wifi - web browser
  • has a good concept of gamification with awards and facebook (not related with me - but i appreciate the effort)
  • chess/sudoko and sketch pad (extras)
  • you can add notes (annotations - work around for bookmarking)
  • dictionaries & translation dictionaries
  • you can add bookmarks by touching the right upper corner

Annotations are powerful with this kobo.

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