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I use a lot of different web browsers on a daily bases for testing and viewing company’s web applications and of course for browsing through the internet.

I use firefox cause it’s just works - without a lot of tweeks and has a huge addon library.
I dont like chromium cause i need to work through a lot of different proxies and chromium doesnt have yet a FoxyProxy plugin (or i havent found one yet).

I like working with midori web browser cause is the most light WebKit engine browser and when firefox is giving me the pain, i immediately switch to midori (till i have to work with foxyproxy).

In most cases everybody have an another web browser that they use for time to time but isnt their default browser or doesnt work perfectly as they want, but they love it as if it was their own baby project. This is my feelings about vimprobable2. It’s an amazing project - amazing.

For my line of work, i couldnt bypass internet explorer (even if i wanted to - and i want to) so in the mix i will bring up IE too.

I wanted to test their html5 capabilities and these are my results:


So clearly chromium is the leader and firefox Nightly with it’s gecko engine just behind.
I also loved that vimprobable2 scored better that midori.

IE version 8.0.6001.1872 scored 42/500 !
Nightly is Firefox Nightly version as of this blog post writing time

Every project tested (except IE) was in its latest version.

So test your browser with: html5test