upgrade BusyBox on CyanogenMod

To whom dont know what busybox is, plz stop using linux, android or any embedded device.

Step 1. Learn what version of kernel your device has.

my mobile use Marvel (ARMv6) kernel.

Step 2. Download your binary from here download busybox

wget -c http://www.busybox.net/downloads/binaries/latest/busybox-armv6l

Step 3. Copy busybox to your device

adb push busybox-armv6l /mnt/sdcard/

Step 4. Enter your device

adb shell

Step 5. Remount /system with read-write access

mount -o rw,remount /system
cd /system/xbin/

Step 6. Copy busybox to your system xbin dir

cp /mnt/sdcard/busybox-armv6l /system/xbin/

Step 7. Change permissions

chmod 0755  /system/xbin/busybox-armv6l

Step 8. Move your old busybox - dont remove it

cp busybox BusyBox-v1.19.4-cm7

Step 9. replace busybox

# busybox-armv6l cp busybox-armv6l busybox

simple as that !