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ansible tips

In this short blog post, I will share a few ansible tips:

Run a specific role

ansible -i hosts -m include_role -a name=roles/common all -b

Print Ansible Variables

ansible -m debug -a 'var=vars' | sed "1 s/^.*$/{/" | jq .

Ansible Conditionals

Variable contains string

matching string in a variable

      var1: "hello world"

  - debug:
        msg: " {{ var1 }} "
    when:  ........

old way

  when: var1.find("hello") != -1

deprecated way

  when: var1 | search("hello")

Correct way

  when: var1 is search("hello")

Multiple Conditionals

Logical And

        - ansible_distribution == "Archlinux"
        - ansible_hostname is search("myhome")

Numeric Conditionals

getting variable from command line (or from somewhere else)

   -  set_fact:
       my_variable_keepday: "{{ keepday | default(7)  | int }}"

    - name: something
        msg: "keepday : {{  my_variable_keepday }}"
        - my_variable_keepday|int >= 0
        - my_variable_keepday|int <= 10

Validate Time variable with ansible

I need to validate a variable. It should be ‘%H:%M:%S’
My work-around is to convert it to datetime so that I can validate it:

    - debug:
        msg: "{{ startTime | to_datetime('%H:%M:%S') }}"

First example: 21:30:15

True: "msg": "1900-01-01 21:30:15"

Second example: ‘25:00:00′

could not be converted to an dict.
The error was: time data '25:00:00' does not match format '%H:%M:%S'
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