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upgrading baikal - contact calendar server


Almost a year ago, I wrote an article on how to install & use your personal Contact and Calendar Server & Android Client: Baïkal - CalDAV & CardDAV server

So, here are my personal notes on upgrading to it’s latest version (v0.4.6):

Github - Version

Here are the latest releases of baikal: Baikal Releases


move to your baikal installation folder and download the latest version:

~> wget -c


Before doing anything else, keep a local backup of your previous installation:

~> tar cvf baikal.2016-03-26.tar baikal

Uncompress - Upgrade

To upgrade baikal is really, really easy.
You just need to uncompress the above dot zip file:

With -l you can see/list the files without uncompress them to your folder:

~> unzip -l | head
  Length      Date    Time    Name
---------  ---------- -----   ----
        0  08-19-2016 16:09   baikal/
        0  08-19-2016 16:09   baikal/Specific/
        0  08-19-2016 16:09   baikal/Specific/db/
        0  08-19-2016 16:09   baikal/Specific/db/.empty
        0  08-19-2016 15:50   baikal/html/
        0  08-19-2016 15:50   baikal/html/res/
        0  02-04-2016 09:15   baikal/html/res/core/

ok, we are sure:

~> unzip


Change the ownership to your web browser user:

~> chown -R apache:apache baikal


Now you just need to open the admin interface to finish up the upgrade:


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