HestiaPi is more than just a thermostat

[UPDATE 2015 12 13]

How about if you could control your entire home temperature and hot water/central heating etc etc, through your smartphone over the internet ?

You are going to think that this is a dangerous IoT (Internet of Thing) that exposes your privacy to unknown attackers and your smart home is going to be under the control of an evil company.

What if I could tell you, that you can build your own smart controller with open-design/open hardware & free software that costs about €100 ?

Crazy, right ?

Actually there is a project that does exactly all the above and much more and it’s based on a Raspberry Pi.

Let me introduce you to HestiaPi .


The name comes from the greek word: εστία and everything you need to start with, have already been published by the core developer on their site.

The team behind this awesome project will host/run an open/free entrance two day Hackathon at Athens, Hackerspace on 2016.


If you are curious on the project, visit and be part of this amazing project.