How to create an archlinux docker image from the latest bootstrap

Docker is a wonderful application for creating development images quick and not-so-dirty.

I am working -mostly- on archlinux so here are the steps:

[~]> wget -c
[~]> tar xf archlinux-bootstrap-2015.03.01-x86_64.tar.gz
[~]> cd root.x86_64
[~]> tar cf archlinux-bootstrap-2015.03.01-x86_64.tar .
[~]> docker import - archlinux:bootstrap < archlinux-bootstrap-2015.03.01-x86_64.tar

after that you should update the docker image:

$ docker run -t -i --rm archlinux:bootstrap bash
# echo 'Server =$repo/os/$arch' > /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist
# pacman-key --init
# pacman-key --populate archlinux
# pacman -Syuvw
# pacman -Suv

to save your changes, open a new terminal and:

[~]> docker commit -p -m "archlinux bootstrap latest" -a USERNAME DOCKER_ID archlinux:bootstrap

replace your username and your docker_id accordingly.

You can now exit from your docker image.

To help you even more, check out this video i’ve made:

archlinux docker bootstrap image from Evaggelos Balaskas on Vimeo.

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