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web bank security

Disclaimer: updated 20150413

Seems that this post has gained some publicity over the web.
I need to disclaim some things, such as:
- I am no a security expert guy. Some of the below security tech info may be wrong!
- I dont claim that i have found a security hole.
- I am not telling you that the entire web banking in greece is not secure.
- I published this story to raise awareness.

Even if all of my comments were wrong I wouldnt expect someone telling me to remove it.
More clever people than me, could have commented on my screenshot and put me in place.

Again, thanks for your support.

End of Disclaimer

Update 20150315

After reading a lot of comments and discussing this story with a lot of good friends of mine, i came to the decision to remove this blog post. I have my personal reasons on the subject and no one had affect my decision. I have had a lot of stress on the matter and i would like to put this behind me.

Thank you again, for all your support.