pirsyncd new version: 20110412

pirsyncd stands for: Python Inotify Rsync Daemon.

This is an attempt of writing a daemon to watch a directory for kernel’s inotify events and then execute an rsync command to synchronize two different directories (local or remote). This is a poor man’s mirroring or an alternative (not so) real data replication mechanism and it is based on Pyinotify.


From ChangeLog:

Plz notice that this is the last version in python2
The next version of piryncd would be only in python3

  • Pyinotify.py updated to 0.9.1 (20110405)
  • Added ssh port parameter for synchronize of ssh
  • Removed trailing slash (/) requirement for source & destination path
  • Added Pyinotify.py version3 for pirsyncd.Py3k

plz try ./pirsyncd –help & ./pirsyncd –examples to see more.

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