abs4snap to the rescue

On January i wrote a personal script to keep my package list and latest conf files on a backup-snapshot mechanism: abs4snap . Page on wiki: abs4snap for archlinux.

Today i wanted to delete some libraries from /usr/lib/ folder path!

And i did a little mistake :(

I wanted to write:

rm -f /usr/lib/libjsp*

but i wrote:

rm -f /usr/lib/lib*

Simple as that my distro (archlinux) becomes a jigsaw puzzles !
Just pieces here and there !

What the f@#$% i could do to save my distro ?

I am using archlinux, so my package manager is: pacman, but pacman uses libraries from /usr/lib folder path !

The solution was to reinstall my distro of course.

Or there is another way ?

A couple days before, i wrote a post how to build a static binary with: statifier. So i had my pacman package list and a pacman static binary file !

The solution was in front of me.

awk '{print "pacman-static -S --noconfirm " $1}' package-list | sh 

And with in a few minutes my distro and /usr/lib was in perfect mode again !!!

So remember:

BACKUP your data.