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PIrsyncD new version: 20100310

PIrsyncD stands for: Python Inotify Rsync Daemon.

This is an attempt of writing a daemon to watch a directory for kernel’s inotify events and then execute an rsync command to synchronize two different directories (local or remote). This is a poor man’s mirroring or an alternative (not so) real data replication mechanism and it is based on Pyinotify.


A lot of changes over the past couple releases

From ChangeLog:

  • Added functionality to run multiple instances of PIrsyncD (Based on Jeff Templon & Jan Just Keijser’s patch)
  • Added functionality to rsync over a destination rsync server (Based on Jeff Templon & Jan Just Keijser’s patch)
  • Added python regular expression module (import re), for argument validation.
  • Fallback solution if rsync functionality is failed
  • Changed –host argument from IP value to hostname
  • TODO file Reviewed
  • Better examples
  • Better usage message

Thanks Jeff Templon < templon AT nikhef DOT nl > and Jan Just Keijser < janjust AT nikhef DOT nl > for your feedback on PIrsyncD.

plz try ./PIrsyncD –help to see more

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