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After finishing my Cyberpunk reading of Burning Chrome a short story collection & Neuromance by William Gibson started to search for new books to read.

@comzeradd suggested the bellow books:

  • Ancillary Justice (2013) by Ann Leckie
  • Cryptonomicon (1999) by Neal Stephenson
  • Homeland (2013) by Cory Doctorow
  • Little Brother (2008) by Cory Doctorow
  • Pirate Cinema (2012) by Cory Doctorow
  • Robopocalypse (2011) by Daniel H. Wilson
  • Snow Crash (1992) by Neal Stephenson
  • Permutation City (1994) by Greg Egan
  • The Emperor’s New Mind (1989) by Roger Penrose

but (as always) something new caught my eye!

a tweet about free books at noisetrade, a site that i hadn’t heard before.

There are short stories and books from indie (and not) writers that want to promote their job by giving free some stories/books. After a few searches i came up with Social Engineer by Ian Sutherland and immediately hooked up !


Searching the web for other work of Ian Sutherland i found his personal page on wattapad, a platform for writing & self-publishing short stories and books.

I have to say that there are a lot of stories that you have to read there !

I understand that self-publishing isn’t something easy. Major publishers with their “politics”, promotion and marketing can affect your book price or even your fan base. But wattapad builds their status upon readers and the publicity is being via social media (or blog posts like this one).

So I’ve read the first chapters of Invasion of Privacy there.


OK - this dude knows his stuff !!

From technical view is nearly perfect and the story has many “Jeffery Deaver - paranoia points and twists “

I don’t want to spoil anything on both books - but I’ve enjoyed the entire time of reading them the last couple weeks.

Take a look on his site Ian Sutherland for more info.

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The Cathedral and the Bazaar

This amazing essay (you can find it here is one of the best reads you can have about the free & opensource movement.


If you havent read it yet, take a break and do it now

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reading books

I like to read.

One of my biggest fears is that I ‘ll never be able to read all the books I’ve checked in my entire life. Even in this technological era that everything is easier and faster - the amount of free time is always less than the year before. That’s the way it is for me and it seems that i can’t do anything to fix it. So i like to keep a short book list - cause my long book list is about a million of unread books (give or take a few thousands). I understand that the previous statement is somehow an overstatement but as I’ve already mentioned in the begging of this blog post, i like to read (although i am not a very smart person).

I never had read William Gibson and I thought to start with the Neuromancer. This would be my first cyberpunk culture book EVER so I believed that i would loved it.


If you have good friends - as i do - they will find a loophole to screw with you, in everything you ‘ll ever do. And so they did! They told me to stop reading Neuromancer and start the Burning Chrome by William Gibson.


And so I did! Burning Chrome is a collection of cyberpunk - science function short stories that are written before Neuromancer and that was my first intro to cyberpunk.

After that … i was reading about Transhumanism and watched videos about it.

But the most important thing of all is the fun of knowledge !

I wish i could figured it out that when i was young, in school and not arguing all day with my teachers about everything.

So I am finally reading Neuromancer! I am at 40% on the ebook, 50 days after my first attempt to read it.

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book status

Just finished

The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and Other Clinical Tales by Oliver Sacks

a book about clinical stories on neuropsychology !


next book in list:

Neuromancer by William Gibson


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Mechanical computers

I am currently pseudoparallel reading (i am currently reading one other book) The Pattern On The Stone By Daniel Hillis and i am really really impressed about the simple explanation on logical gates (boolean algebra).

Hillis is using as an example The Tinkertoy computer - the mechanical computer for playing TicTacToe !
Look at this page to take a quick look: The Tinkertoy computer

BTW The first mechanical computer is the The Antikythera mechanism 100BC to predict astronomical positions and eclipses.

Truly Amazing !

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book status
books dec 2013

I have just finished reading the The Kill Room (Lincoln Rhyme #10) by Jeffery Deaver


and started the The Templar Salvation (Templar #2)
by Raymond Khoury


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greek and not ebooks

Καταγραφή δύο βιβλία που διάβασα στην αρχή του χρόνου - πριν πάρω το koboglo

  • Βεβήλωση - Adler-Οlsen Jussi


    Adler-Olsen Jussi - Fasandræberne

  • Μυστήριο στο χιόνι - Gilbert Adair


    Gilbert Adair - The act of Roger Murgatroyd

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latest book reads
latest book reads